New Technology

Digital X-rays are better for you

With digital x-rays, the film is replaced with a sensor. This sensor transmits the x-ray image to a computer where it can be altered if needed, viewed on a big screen, printed, or emailed. The biggest advantage is that less radiation is needed for digital x-rays. Also, it is much easier for you to see and understand your x-rays.

X-ray free Cavity Detection

The Carivu is a new way to detect cavities in between teeth using a bright light and camera. It is not thoroughly tested quite yet, so we do not advise that you eliminate routine x-rays completely, but it is promising technology. For more read here. Carivu

Electronic Charting is more accurate

We use 100% electronic charts so that your information is always immediately accessible. Medical alerts are easier to see. We are able to record more information, which improves your care. Of course, we have taken steps to ensure that your information is safe and secure.

Cone Beam CT Scans are safer

In some cases, dental implants are best planned with a 3D X-ray called a CT scan. While medical CT scans are high radiation, a special dental cone beam CT exposes you to less radiation, while providing the best information for implant treatment. Dr. Mularczyk will order this type of scan when planning complex implant cases.